Giving Program

Contributing positively to our community

In the set up of Running Tours Melbourne was the core value and belief that business should be a vehicle to do something meaningful to make the community in which we work, live, breathe and love a better place. To contribute positively to our community is a Company value and is something we take seriously. On this page we have highlighted just some of the initiatives and projects that we are involved with. 

Giving Program

Upon commencing employment with us, each team member is asked to select a charity or cause that is close to their hearts. From July 2016, we pledge to donate $2 from each booking to a charity pool that at the end of the financial year we will divide up among the charities in the program. 

Coming up to the end of June 2017, we have a pool of $146 to split across 6 charities.

Run 4 Ardoch

Ardoch Youth Foundation provides literacy and numeracy support for children in disadvantaged and underprivilegad areas of Melbourne to ensure students can experience educational success. 

Our founder Matthew Morris and his girlfriend Tiana Clayworth ran at Run Melbourne on 30 July 2017 to raise funds for Ardoch and they raised $360.