Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do you run?

We are all about exploring Melbourne and Sydney at a leisurely pace!

Our tours run at your pace, and there are plenty of stops so we can share stories, take photos and sometimes stop for water.

We've had guests who have never run before, some who are more into gym work than running, we've also had guests that just want to walk, and that's fine with us too!

Are bookings required?

Bookings are required ahead of time to ensure our Tour Guides are ready, suppliers are ready and so we can deliver you a top-class experience of Melbourne or Sydney.

Booking deadlines are as follows:

Booking cutoffs are now 24 hours during the Covid-19 (See our Statements)period. We hope to lift these soon back to the usual cutoff:

  • Sydney Tours: 8:00pm night prior
  • Melbourne Tours: 8:00pm night prior

How do I book a tour?

Search through our Melbourne Tours or Sydney Tours and when you're ready to book click the Book Now buttons on the tour pages.



Telephone bookings: Please call +61 430472975 and Fred Baker, Customer Experience Manager will book you in.

Where will my tour start?

Each tours start point varies, please refer to the address and map provided on your booking confirmation email. If you are lost on the morning, contact Fred Baker, Customer Experience Manager on +61 430472975, alternatively your Tour Guide will give you a call if you are running late.

What is the cancellation and cancellation policy?

We try to be as reasonable as possible but we do have a cancellation and rescheduling policy. It's best to read this in our Booking Terms & Conditions.

What will I actually see?

You'll see a lot, and learn a lot about Melbourne and Sydney!

Each tour is structured differently for a different theme or vibe, but one thing they all have in common is that they are jam-packed with sights to see and stories to share! You probably won't see a kangaroo on our tours, but stranger things have happened!

Can I have a private tour?

Of course you can! Each tour can be upgraded to a private tour in the booking process.

Alternatively check out the Private Tours on offer on each city page of our website. Private Tours are priced higher to factor in the requirements of your group, the planning time including working with suppliers to organise your tour, as well as any transport, logistics and tour guides that are required to make your experience one to remember!

I want to work for you, do you have openings?

Sweet, check out the Jobs page and see what opening we have!

Running Tours is now part of Fit City Tours
We've made some changes, and Running Tours Melbourne & Running Tours Sydney is now part of Fit City Tours.

It's still us, same people, same tours (plus more), just new colours and logo....