Mornington Peninsula

Tim Bliss
November 6, 2020

Being a coastal city, residents and visitors to Melbourne are lucky to have so many amazing options by the water that you should check out. Definitely the best way to explore Melbourne by the water is walking, running or cycling if you are feeling like being active as there is a path which runs along by the bay. Alternatively hop in the car and explore further along the bay, either way you will not be disappointed.

The entire Mornington Peninsula is a must see for everyone in Melbourne and is very accessible by car. During the incredibly scenic drive down by the bay there are plenty of places to stop in by to make a day out of it. Mornington is always a good stop for a morning coffee and a walk along the beach to stretch your legs before getting back in the car to explore some more. If you have plenty of time on your hands then travelling all the way to Portsea and Sorrento is recommended. However if you don’t have lots of time but are still looking for a fantastic day out then you cannot go past the Peninsula Hot Springs where you can enjoy a massage, the hot springs or why not both.

Evenings at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Source: Visit Victoria

When it comes to eating down along the Mornington Peninsula the list goes on and on with incredible options, but we will just highlight a few of our favourites that you should go check out. Located inland from the bay in Red Hill is a place called Johnny Ripe, this is a magnificent bakery serving some of the most delicious sweet treats you'll find. Once you have satisfied your sweet tooth and now looking forward to some lunch you cannot go past T’Gallant especially if you enjoy pizza. Other fantastic options include Port Phillip Estate and St Andrews Brewery, wherever you choose to visit in the Mornington Peninsula you certainly will not be disappointed.

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Visit Victoria

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