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Meet The Cats

Joyce Tan

Listen up Sydneysiders, cat cafés are on the rise! It’s the purrrr-fect combination of fun, food and fur, and the premise is simple – pay an hourly rate to play, feed and take pictures with kitties. Popularised in Taiwan, Cat Flower Garden was the world’s first cat café which caught the attention of the media. Since then, this quirky concept has inched its way all across the globe and is now taken to new heights!

Get ready for the ideal escape from the daily grind and check out two of Sydney’s renowned cat cafes:

1.     Café Purrfection

Run by vet and cat behaviour specialist Dr Kim Kendall, Chatswood Cat Palace is home to Sydney’s first cat café, Café Purrfection. Dr Kendall points to research showing that playing with animals is associated with strong therapeutic benefits and lower stress levels. These fluffy felines are well-trained and chosen for their people-friendly temperaments. Sessions can be up to one hour and each patron is allowed 20 minutes with each cat, meaning you get to meet a whole heap of other cats with different traits and antics!

A one hour ‘pat and purr’ session costs $20 per person and includes free coffee. Book in a cosy cuddle sesh with cats now!  

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.31.54 pm.png

2.     Catmosphere  Café  

Cats, coffee and cuddles – how can you ask for more? Catmosphere Café is Australia’s first space cat café which consists of a regular café area and two individual cat rooms. Try 45 minutes of Yoga with the Catstronauts followed by 15 minutes of kitty cuddle time. If you’re not so much into fitness, enjoy coffee and cookies with the Catstronauts for an experience like no other. You can sponsor a cat for a good cause as all funds go towards the care of their resident and foster rescue cats!

Check out this awesome paw-some café and choose a package that you like best!  

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