Friday Night in Haymarket

Jen Nguyen
May 21, 2020

Located at the southern end of Sydney’s CBD and adjacent to Darling Harbour, Haymarket is home to Sydney’s Chinatown and Thai-town. The neighbourhood showcases local produce, with an established market city complex that houses many fruit and vegetables vendors.

It is also in close proximity to Peak apartment building which is a modern shopping centre that features a food court, highly acclaimed restaurants and boutiques.

Spend your Friday night hunting down souvenirs, shopping and go on an Asian cuisine adventure!

Make sure you explore Haymarket’s Paddy markets, with a rich history of over 150 years. It is Sydney’s biggest market and has over 1,000 stalls. You’ll find everything from souvenirs to clothes, footwear and the freshest of fruit and veggies.

Another destination that is a must for visitors would definitely be Haymarket’s Chinatown area. Sydney’s Chinatown area is one of the best places to eat, drink and be merry as there are a wide variety of specialised Asian cuisine restaurants that cater to a range of budgets.

Some popular restaurants include Dainty Sichuan known for their authentic style Chonqing noodles, Bo 7 Mon Thank Tam, which specialises in Vietnamese cuisines and finally Din Tai Fung, a globally renowned dumpling kingdom that offers the best of the best soup dumplings that there are to try.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure to pick one of the hundreds of restaurants available, give the Hawker-style food courts a try in the newly renovated Market City or the underground area of Dixon House, where the quick service is great for an Asian food run.

Continue your night over at Haymarket’s Chinatown Night Market held every Friday from 4 pm to late during the winter. The main strip along Dixon Street is transformed into a street food paradise, similar to the many night markets in places in Asia. Navigate the hustle and bustle of street vendors as they prepare authentic asian street food right before your eyes, ranging from classic Cantonese dim sum to Japan’s octopus filled ball shaped snack. The event is highly popular for both locals and tourists, so make sure you head over there early as the street can be very packed as the night continues.

How to get there:

Chinatown is roughly a 5 minute walk from Central station or a 10 minute walk from Town Hall station.

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