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Exploring Kensington

Joyce Tan

Tucked between Flemington and North Melbourne is Kensington, a quaint suburb located just two stops away from Melbourne CBD with the right balance of hustle and tranquillity. This small pocket suburb is definitely worth a visit! Here are some starting points on things to do and cafes to visit in Kensington.


Walking the streets 


Walk along the main street of Kensington, also known as Kensington Village, for a good dose of exploring and shopping. Its proximity to the city makes it the ideal 45 minute walk (or 10 minute cycle) into the heart of the city. A small shop slightly larger than your usual cabinet, Wayward Books is the go-to spot for all book lovers who are after some quirky finds. From little books of joy to weighty books of knowledge, this hidden gem has something to offer everyone. Make sure to also not miss out on Melbourne’s ubiquitous graffiti scene which is a sight to behold near the South Kensington station! 


Eating your hearts out 


Take your pick from the array of cafes located across the road from the Kensington station. Fruits of Passion has a cosy funky interior with a combination of excellent coffee, delicious food and outstanding customer service. A lovely assortment of muffins, Danish pastries and cakes is also readily available for all sweet tooths! Luncheonette is another café that ranks high on the list. Perched on a corner close to Kensington station, it is a quintessential local café with highly recommended baked eggs and donuts.  


Take in the scenic routes and relish the tasty bites all at Kensington! 


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