Best places for healthy eating in Melbourne

Jen Nguyen
May 21, 2020

Munch on some of Melbourne’s unbelievably delicious and healthy restaurants!

Serotonin Eatery

Healthy eating in Melbourne
Source: Serotonin Eatery

With seven different styles of seating, from swings suspended from the ceiling to small tables set on grass, enjoy Serotonin Eatery’s  energetic and friendly setting that really increases your happiness level. Providing a sanctuary to escape from the fast paced city life, this store offers a plant based diet in hopes to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.

Try their Galaxy Acai Bowl, which is dairy and sugar free acai ice cream served with serotonin toasted granola made with fruits and nuts, topped with fresh mixed berries, pistachio dust and served with house made peanut butter, banana and coconut magnum ice cream. Yum!

Opens: 8:00am to 3:00pm

Average cost for two: $65

Madden Grove, Burnley, Richmond, Melbourne

Ubuntu Vegan Café

Healthy eating in Melbourne
Source: Ubuntu Vegan Cafe

Definitely a vegan’s foodie paradise, head over to Ubuntu Vegan Cafe where they present vegan food that looks non vegan! Using plant based substitutes, the cafe has wowed the locals with their delicious vegan food that even non vegans love. You’ll be 100% satisfied, feeling healthy and energised.

Opens: 7:00am to 4:00pm

The average for two: $55

460 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne

Laneway Greens

Healthy eating in Melbourne
Source: Laneway Greens

Serving food that uses quality local ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced, Laneway Greens prides themselves on providing nourishing food with thoughtful flavour pairings alongside seasonal ingredients given straight to the public. It serves salads, smoothies and pressed juices making sure they’re packed with nutrients leaving you feeling healthy throughout the day.

Opens: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Average cost of two: $40

242, Flinders Lane, CBD, VIC

Urban Projuice

Healthy eating in Melbourne
Source: Urban Projuice

Love Acai Bowls with a twist? Head out to Urban Projuice in Albert Park where you’ll find the crowd favourite Dragon Bowl. Providing locally sourced fresh whole foods with a focus on promoting a healthy plant based lifestyle, Urban Projuice menu is sure to make you feel wholesome for the day.

The Dragon Bowl is an acai and dragon fruit blend with banana, strawberries, dried coconut and seasonal fruits and nuts.

Opens: 7:00am to 3:30pm

Average cost for two: $70

315 Montague Street, Albert Park, Melbourne


Healthy eating in Melbourne
Source: Famish'd

Build your own healthy meal with a wide range of fresh nutrient rich produce. Providing Healthy, tasty and filling lunch options, Famish’d allows foodies to create their own salads which are freshly made and drizzled with their house made dressings of your choice. With generous portions to keep you feeling full for the day, Famish’d is a must for healthy foodies.

Opens: 7:00am to 4:00pm

Average cost for two: $35

130 Little Collins Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

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