A Day In Mosman

Gabriel Young
May 21, 2020

Just a 20-minute commute from Sydney’s bustling CBD, Mosman is home to some of the best experiences on Sydney’s North Shore. 24 hours may be a little tight to fit in everything the area has to offer but here are some highlights you absolutely should not miss if you’re headed to Mosman. The suburb represents the scenery Sydney is famous for along with a handful of historical landmarks significant to the local culture.

To start out your day, there isn’t much better than a walk along the beach for some fresh air. Balmoral Beach is particularly picturesque, even for Sydney. Rain, hail or shine it is the perfect place to start as there aren’t too many places in the area that offer a better view. The famous luxury homes along this strip and extravagant yachts along the shore set the scene.

While you’re here, at the Boathouse Café along the pier on Balmoral Beach you are sure to have the best breakfast you’ve had in a while. Available until 11:30AM, its breakfast menu is an extensive luxury to indulge in. Best of all, the Smoked Salmon Fritters are not to be missed with its touches of fresh caviar and zucchini.

Things to do in Mosman
Boathouse Café residing along the pier at Balmoral Beach.Source: The Boathouse Café

For a quiet moment to take in Sydney’s beauty, Bradleys Head Amphitheatre is the perfect spot as it overlooks the city from across the bay. Often used as venue for wedding ceremonies, this is a testament to the incredible view of the city the Amphitheatre is host to. This proves an excellent lunch spot for anyone who enjoys a view and a break from the bustling city.

Headland Park is also a more than ideal place to stop and have lunch. The greenery and Australian trees in the park represent the best of Sydney’s picnic spots. So pull up a rug and enjoy Headland Park and its beautiful open spaces. Within the park, the Headland Arts Precinct is the creative and artistic heart of Mosman. This quaint studio offers a range of must-see exhibits from the local art scene. Arts classes are also offered here in addition to a cosy café for refreshment.


Things to do in Mosman
The view of the Harbour on a beautiful Sydney day from Bradleys Head Amphitheatre. Source: Timeline

By night, the most iconic image of Sydney is of course the Harbour. There is no better way to experience this than to get a close-up look at the city from within the Harbour itself. This section of the Harbour is a haven for water activities as it is home to the local yacht club along with a number of activity centres for water sports. Mosman Bay is perfect for kayaking or boating through for individuals and families alike. However, perhaps the ideal way to experience this area is on a ferry. This option will take you all across from Mosman Bay Wharf to Circular Quay. At night, the view you will experience on this trip is truly spectacular; seeing the city lights from afar gives a complete view of the scenic night sky.

Things to do in Mosman
A view of Mosman Bay with its famous ferry tours travelling through.Source: Concrete Playground

With a full day in Mosman, you have a busy day ahead of you. Whether it be on a holiday to Sydney or visiting from a different area of the city, Mosman is a beautiful area filled with activities.

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