About Us

Welcome to Running Tours Melbourne & Running Tours Sydney. If this is about to be your first time to Australia and to Melbourne or Sydney then you are in for a treat!

Our mission is to create memorable and enjoyable running and sightseeing experiences for each and every guest through expertise and excellent customer service.

There is nothing that we love more than sharing a run with you while we explore all over Melbourne and Sydney, finding places for you to enjoy that even some locals don't even know about!

Our story begins in 2015 when a young Matthew Morris, the company founder, was travelling through the USA in the lead up to the Houston Marathon. On landing in San Francisco on New Years Day 2015, he needed to go out for a 30km run as his last long run before Houston a few weeks later..... but he had a problem - he didn't know where to go! He picked up a map of the city and decided to follow that, running 30+ kilometres, heading over the Golden Gate Bridge and back, but he didn't know anything about what he was seeing realising that it would have been great to have a tour guide to help show him the city and to share the stories of what he was actually seeing.

With this frustration in mind, upon his return to Melbourne, Matt began brainstorming ideas to help alleviate this problem for visitors to Melbourne who love to run but don't know where to go, and would like to do sightseeing at the same time. In late February 2015, Running Tours Melbourne was launched with a trusty, but ugly, Google website that took an hour to make. But only hours later the first booking came in for two ladies from Hong Kong who were in town on business.

Our first tour was a story in itself, with Matt spending most of the night in hospital with a heart complaint, and only got out of there by convincing the doctor her had to work, after the first nurse insisted he wasn't running on a heart complaint. Despite the lack of sleep, Matt was greeted by a lovely guest from Hong Kong, but her friend wouldn't join us as she was a little worse for wear after a big night on the town! The tour would also be the shortest in Running Tours history at 5km. From there, however, it was onwards and upwards as we began to refine our tours, what we stand for, and what we do.

In 2016, while Matt was based in London on a short term teaching contract, plans were put in place to extend what we do into Sydney, and this came to fruition with the first tour in Sydney in December 2016.

In 2017 and 2018 we consolidated on the tour offerings we have, experimenting with different tour concepts as we continue to challenge ourselves in what we do. In 2018, we also launched the Four Vines Running Festival in Nagambie, Victoria, an hour from Melbourne which was the result of asking ourselves how many wineries can we run through?!

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours in Melbourne and Sydney.

A brief timeline of Running Tours

From an idea to a good idea!

22 February 2015
Running Tours Melbourne launched.
19 March 2015
Our first tour in Melbourne. Also our shortest ever tour at 4.5km.
August 2015
We employ our first tour guide - Tony Dell.
1 September 2016
Running Tours Sydney launched as Run And See Tours
10 December 2016
Our first tour in Sydney.
1 January 2018
Run and See Tours rebranded as Running Tours Sydney
4 November 2018
Successful first edition of the Four Vines Running Festival
Running Tours is now part of Fit City Tours
We've made some changes, and Running Tours Melbourne & Running Tours Sydney is now part of Fit City Tours.

It's still us, same people, same tours (plus more), just new colours and logo....
Visit fitcitytours.com.au